School Group Excursion

To book a tour please call 03 9328 5556 email or use the red button.

Street Art and Laneway Tour

By booking a tour with us, you are supporting street artists’ careers by providing them with fair, paid work.

Each tour will be led by a famous street artist who is passionate about the street art world. Street art is an ephemeral art form, and who would know about this better than a practicing street artist?

melbourne-street-art-tours_-_school-group_294x312_01Melbourne Street Tours have been running the school street art tour program for over five years and have opened the eyes of over 35,000 students across Victoria, Australia and the world to the incredible urban art scene that Melbourne has to offer.

The school tour program has been developed specifically for students and teachers. Our tour guides are street artists themselves, but have a great ability to engage students in a wide variety of topics and all our staff have WWC’s. School Tours can be tailored to meet the needs of a particular class if required, for example if you have an art class and would like to look more at the technical aspects of street art, we can inform your students about the nature of spray paint, stencils, paste-ups and the messages conveyed within, or if you have an English or Humanities class we can focus on the more socio-political aspects of street art in an engaging and creative way (just let us know when you book!).

Melbourne Street Tours have a qualified teacher and youth worker at our HQ to keep our school program fresh and educational. Our team will provide you with a pre-excursion Education Pack that includes activities and resources for classroom planning.

As well as visiting Melbourne’s laneways and learning all about the history and stories behind the street art scene, the class will also get to finish at the famous Blender Studios where they have the awesome oppurtunity to see how artists make a career out of their work, and discover the workings of a real art studio day-to-day.

Group Size

  • Arranged for any sized group at any time (subject to availability)

Dates and times:

  • Flexible according to the needs of school groups.
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2.5 hours


  • Dependant on the group size.
  • For custom quote and proposal please call: 03 9328 5556 or E-mail:

Meeting point:

  • The meeting point will be at the front of 7-eleven @ Federation Square.
  • The tour route will be modified and updated regularly, considering the ever-changing nature of Street Art.

Previous School Groups include:


  • Melbourne Grammar
  • Catholic Regional College
  • Ballarat High School
  • Mentone Grammar
  • Brighton Grammar
  • St. Helena
  • St. Joseph Geelong
  • Woodleigh College
  • plus many more…

School Group Testimonials:

This is the first year that we have embarked on the Street Art Tour as an activity, and it certainly won’t be the last! The kids loved it – during a reflection/debriefing session, the kids made special mention of how excellent the tour was and they loved the insight shown to them from an entirely different perspective.

We were also incredibly impressed that after making our initial call, we were pro-actively contacted to let us know that we could save a significant cost by booking through the Arts Centre’s ArtsConnect9 program.

So, from all of the year 9 students and staff at Sacred Heart College, a huge thankyou!

Terry Carrick – Sacred Heart College 22/8/2014

Just wanted to give you guys a big shout out for an amazing experience – they have been buzzing. Our students have come back to school inspired and informed – thank you.

We have had some really great discussions about art as a form of communication, community service and political expression. We are going to now venture into spoken word and the history – how cool – nothing like being able to listen to De La Soul and 1200 Techniques in the name of learning!

The kids loved our tour guides – massive thank you – we will send you some pics of the work you inspired down here at Penbank.

Toni Hutton – Y6 Teacher Penbank School