Street Art Stencil Workshop

Are you interested in learning the art of stencils and spray-painting?

Availability and Timing

  • Every second Saturday (subject to at least three bookings) from 11am – 1:30pm
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  • What You Will Learn
    Our beginners stencil workshop has been specially designed by street artists to give you a chance to experience working within these mediums under the guidance of a renowned stencil artist.

    The workshop begins with a professional street art demonstration where you will learn how to create a stencil from your own design, including the do’s and don’ts of stencil making and an introduction to spray paint covering a variety of spray painting techniques.

    After the demo you will get the chance to design and cut out your own stencil work that you will get to spray onto a canvas and take home.

    The workshops take place at the famous Blender Studios and places are limited so bookings will be taken on a first in first saved basis.

    What You Will Make
    Every participant will create their own re-useable stencil and artwork, both of which can be taken home.

    What You Get
    The workshop includes a professional street art demonstration from one of Melbourne’s most prolific street artists. We will also provide you with all materials including acetate, markers, cutting knives and mats, spray paint, safety equipment (gloves, mask, aprons) etc. Every participant also gets their own canvas to paint and take home.
    A light morning tea is also provided.

    All classes will be held at the famous Blender Studios, Harbour Town, Docklands.

    How to Find Us: We are located within the Harbour Town complex, on level one. Once you get off the tram at Harbour Town (Tram Stop: Waterfront City – Stop D11), walk though the shopping complex across the road and take the escalator next to Gloria Jeans and you will see our studio on the right. The studio is above the store ‘Novo Shoes’. Give us a call at anytime if you have trouble locating us.

    How many people per class?

    Min. of 3 and Max. 12 people in the class.

    Who teaches the workshop?
    All of our instructors are local street artists who specialise in stencil work, so you will be learning from the best!

    What Do I Wear?
    Make sure you wear appropriate clothing for a painting class! If spray paint gets on your clothes, chances are it won’t come out.


    • $89 per person (same price for adults & kids)