Tour Guides

All Melbourne Street Tour guides are first and foremost ARTISTS.

They might not have normal tour guide behaviour. They are real and honest and most of all passionate about art and what they do. All tour guides have Working With Children Checks and are First Aid qualified

Get to know a bit more about our tour guides by checking them out below:


Daniel Lynch

AKA Junky Projects moved to Melbourne from Newcastle in the ‘90s. Over the last decade he’s developed his unique street art style, using found objects and other junk to create an

d install “sentinels” in conspicuous locations in the city not only to amuse, but also to highlight society’s tendency to mindlessly over-consume. He also works in aerosols, painting and leading workshops with schools and disadvantaged youth. Daniel has been a tour guide and educator for Blender studios since 2011.


Matt Maha

Matt has been doing graffiti and street art since he was a teenager. His distinct styles can be seen across an array of Melbourne Laneways. He has a vast knowledge of the scene and loves to share these stories with guests on the tour

Ollie Reade

Ollie (aka Ruskidd) has been creating unique psychedelic pieces and has been actively painting the streets of Melbourne the age of 15. His works have been seen covering the sides of warehouses and on display at the National Gallery of Victoria


James Wilson

James has been visually adding to Melbourne’s street scene since 2009. He has painted walls in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane as well as parts of Europe. Despite his age he has many encounters with big names in the scene and knows a side of Melbourne that’s rarely seen.



Ben Barek

Barek is a Melbourne-based urban artist who works with street murals, wheat-pasting andstickers, injecting life into overlooked places and spaces. Celebrated for his other-worldly characters, his stylised works take form on canvas, in sculptural pieces and in re-worked vintage paintings, prints and advertising.