COVID-19 Changes

Hi All!

2 weeks ago we had our last tour for a while with just 3 people, before they headed home on their last flight.

As of today March 30th, we are suspending tours temporarily. Here in Victoria, it is the responsible and safe thing to do.

As a small business owner, I am devastated that we can’t run our tours at this time, and I have had to make some truly challenging decisions to ensure we have lots of work for them to come back to when this situation changes.

Melbourne Street Tours is the 1st and only street art tour in Australia that works with street artists, and we have been in operation for more than 9 years, so we are looking ahead and are in a strong position to weather this storm.

We will still be functioning as a business, so please feel free to reach out. We will let you know as soon as things change and with our plans to begin our tours again.

I believe in what we offer, and can’t wait to not only get back out into the laneways of Melbourne with you, but also welcome you to our studios once again!

So, see you soon with our much-loved tour and exciting new itineraries and familiar faces.

Cheers punks, stay safe, and enjoy your time at home.