Melbourne Street Art Tours is the first, and only, the street art tour in Australia run by street artists.

With local knowledge of just about everything, the guides will treat you to some of Melbourne’s hidden underground treasures.

Melbourne Street Art Tours takes people through the streets of Melbourne and shows them who the artists of the street works are, what technical aspects are involved in spray painting, stencil art, and paste-ups, and what significant role the artists have made in making Melbourne one of the most important destinations in the world for Street Art.

As you are led down hidden laneways and arcades you will discover some of the most interesting street art and outdoor galleries in the world.

We also focus on the more social and political aspects of Street Art. What political statements are the artists making? Are they important enough to be seen as art… or is it just graffiti after all?

We are the only Street Tour that hires practicing Melbourne street artists as their guides. Our CBD tours also end at the famous Blender Studios (now located in West Melbourne), where the participants will get an exclusive VIP tour of both the studios and the gallery (Dark Horse Experiment).

Here they can meet practicing street and fine artists, and get a feel for the practicing art world. Meet and chat with artists like the infamous Junky Projects and Ruskidd, over a cold beer or a glass of wine.

youtube clip credit to lonely planet and Christa Larwood.