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Tour Guides

First and foremost, all our Melbourne Street Tour guides are artists. 

On your tour you will discover that this is not your average tour, and your guide is not your average tour guide. Each artist is as real as they come, and passionate about art and what they do. Each guide has a unique spin on street art, and with a wealth of experience to share, you will see the streets from their perspective. All of our tour guides also have current Working With Children Checks and are First Aid qualified.

Our Tour Guides

Get to know a bit more about our tour guides by checking them out below
Gigi Gordes
Gigi is an illustrator, sculptor and street artist from Melbourne painting her playful, thoughtful, and adventurous characters around the streets. Gigi is a painter and sculptor from Melbourne who brings life to her characters through the use of paint, and dark humour. Gigi explores individualism and idiosyncrasies through a range of mediums, both outdoors and in the studio. You can find her pieces in galleries and on the streets of Melbourne.

Matt Maha

Matt has been doing graffiti and street art since he was a teenager. His distinct styles can be seen across an array of Melbourne Laneways. He has a vast knowledge of the scene and loves to share these stories with guests on the tour


Suki is a Melbourne based artist who works primarily with urban art installations and printmaking, though also explores materials including fabric, fibre, ink and found objects. Combining subtle femininity and the natural world she creates works that contrast and complement the walls of the city. Travelling around the country and overseas to share her art Suki seeks to draw attention to the beauty in the decay of urban walls and the disparity of quiet images against the busy world of city life.


Akemi is a street artist that has been at it since 2012 when he started in Adelaide. His work is primarily stencil based, but has done some sculptural work, and on the rare occasion, freehand aerosol. There’s a strong Japanese influence moving through my work, and is known for painting Koi fish on the ground. Akemi loves to work show the many facets of street art, and if you’re lucky do some painting on a tour too!

Ben Barek

Barek is a Melbourne-based urban artist who works with street murals, wheat-pasting and stickers, injecting life into overlooked places and spaces. Celebrated for his other-worldly characters, his stylised works take form on canvas, in sculptural pieces and in re-worked vintage paintings, prints and advertising.